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make sth do

make sth do是什么意思 make sth do在线翻译 make sth do什么意思 make sth do的意思 make sth do的翻译 make sth do的解释 make sth do的发音 make sth do的同义词
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1. Around the world international aids go wrong keep the peace a shortage of food cause sb. todosth. live in poverty in real life people in need belong to the UN a UN Goodwill ambassador give a speech be pleased todosth. have the chance todosth. refer to sb./sth. be made up of mean todosth./doingsth. be honoured todosth. take on this role set up/aboutdoing/down/out todo be based on develop friendly relations with sb. co-operate indoingsth. promote respect for human rights as you know touch the lives of people everywhere be involved in with the help of sb. worthy organizations be worthdoingsth.= be worthy of beingdone assist the victims of wars in addition protect sb. fromdoingsth. prevent sb. fromdoingsth. child labour recordsth.=make records of be aware ofsth./make sb aware of draw one's attention=draw the attention of sb. addsth. tosth.
add up/add up to under the umbrella of 全世界国际援助出错保持和平缺少食物导致某人做某事生活贫穷在现实生活中有需要的人属于联合国一位联合国亲善大使做讲座高兴做某事有机会做某事谈及某人或某事由某物组成打算做某事/意味着做某事荣幸做某事承担这个角色建立/着手工作/写下/开始做以…为基础和某人发展友好关系合作做某事促进对人权的尊敬正如你所知道的涉及每个地方人们的生活涉及;卷入在某人的帮助下令人尊敬的组织值得做某事帮助战争的受难者除了保护某人免受…的伤害阻止某人做某事童工记录某事意识到引起某人的注意把…加到…/加起来/加起来为在…的保护下 17 41。

2. When mammary development when, should special attention mammary hygiene, prevent a breast to be bumped, extruding; Notice Morpheus pose, unfavorable Fu lies, advocate lie on one's back; Oftendo a few breasts that accord with healthy demand to plead to massage (take everyday lie on one's back maintain with left hand hold left breast bottom in the palm, use right hand palm and left hand to exert oneself todosth. relatively at the same time, plead to tit direction join forces 2030 one, apply same method to hold in the palm again next push on the right side of breast Become position of a few handstand appropriately, or oftenmake a few copies exercise a movement; Adorn brassiere is very important in time, not constrained just use brassiere to much old age, want mammary development to fold the lower edge of place to exceed 10 centimeters instead to pectoral wall skin to the tit only, answer to adorn at any time, in case the breast is overweight cause farther prolapse.

3. make sth do的解释

3. Make sure todosth.

4.Make ends meet call in laugh at inform sb ofsth come across come up take note serve as insist on take a position hold the view can't help but to chances are that… on one's own keep contace with go through object todoing there is evidence that in short supply in reserve in the mood todo in addition define…as the following describe… as
可以获得的,可以使用的使收支平衡叫…。。来嘲笑某人通知某人某事偶遇出现记笔记用于某种目的或理由坚持持…。。立场持有观点禁不住做…。。做某事没有意义有可能做某事单独的,独自的与…。。联系浏览反对有证据证明短缺以备后用有心情做某事此外下定义下列的描述某人某事 there is no point in doing sth。

5. make sth do

5. Fierce, can hurt corneous layer otherwise. Havemake up habitual female, as a result of before the bilge of colour makeup already by discharge makeup agent discharge is divided, when washing a face so, need not exert oneself todosth., should send adequately only bubble, wipe gently next can wash give a piece clear and moving spruce face.

6. make sth do的翻译

6. Make/ let sb. notdosth.

7. make sth do在线翻译

7. Make an/the effort todosth.

8. Tomake an effort todosth.

9. Make an/every effort todosth.

10. If youdosth everyday, it is easy tomake it routine.

11. Take/give a glance at throw/cast light on/upon take notice of take /make an objection to take pains take part in take place take the place of take possession of take pride in take the resolution todosth.

12. A number ofmake a list one week's holidy the price of dream of be at home and abroad try wastern food hot and spicy food win the match since then last fantstic experience so far expect todo get an education ask sb forsth as good as in one's life have/has been to in rural areas two point two because of try doingsth in a universe today's newspaper translate...into forget doingsth all over the world up to hear about/o f take part in at last/in the end in the seat the palace museum pay for look for write down each cother guess what?
一定数量的牌子名单一个week's holidy 梦想的价格是国内外尝试wastern 食物热并且比赛为时fantstic 经验到目前为止从那以后准备做得到教育请求sb sth 的辣食物胜利象在one's 生活中have/has 是对在乡区二点二中由于尝试做sth 在宇宙today's 报纸翻译。。。成忘记一样做sth 由决定全世界听见about/o f 参与在last/in 末端在宫殿博物馆薪水为寻找写下各个cother 猜测的位子什么?

13. Make/let sb. todosth.

14. Make/let sb.dosth.


15. Make/ let sb.dosth.


16. Tomake sb.dosth.


17. Make /let sb.dosth.

18. General, the program of the sign after receivingsth that buy the home is sheet of the autograph after transcendental goods, but a lot of express are begged now fast,do not let checkmake an autograph odd.

19. make sth do是什么意思

19. Have no reference to have trouble with hold the position of keep an eye on keep/control one's temper keep one's balance keep one's appointment keep company with keep sb. company keep competition between keep faith keep one's mind on keep/bear in mind keep one's head keep pace with keep a promise keep in touch with sb. keep track of keep one's word keep to the point lay a claim to lay/put/place emphasis on/upon lead the way learn by heart leavesth. out of consideration lose control of lose one's balance lose one's head lose heart lose contact with lose sight of lose one's temper lose faith in lose track ofmake an appeal to sb.make an appointment with sb.make an attempt todosth.make the acquaintance of sb. comments on/uponsth.
渴望 求助于某人与------无关与-----闹纠纷担任---的职务照看,留意忍住不发脾气保持平衡守约与-----结交,与-----亲热陪伴某人在------之间进行竞争忠于信仰专注于记住保持镇定与-----并驾齐驱遵守诺言与某人保持联络记录,保持与---联系守信用紧扣主题主张,要求,自以为是着重于,强调领路,带路记住,背过不考虑某事失去对------的控制失去平衡慌乱,惊慌失措失去信心与-----失去联系看不见发脾气失去对-----的信任失去----的线索向某人呼吁某事于某人约会企图做某事结识某人评论把----进行比较控告向某人道歉知识改变命运,思路决定人生!


20. Make/let/have sb.dosth.

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